Drop That Heating Bill Like It’s Hot

Feb 2, 2023 | Furnace | 1 comment

The forecast is calling for some more next-level-COLD.
Here are (6) tips to keep your Heating Bill as low as possible.

1. Seal up any air leaks.

Some of the most common places for drafts to enter your house are underneath doors and around windows. In light of this, a simple towel or blanket laid at the foot of a door or some inexpensive caulking around a window can prevent a draft coming through, allowing your furnace to not have to fight quite as hard.

2. Pay attention to your thermostat.

In any event, thermostats can be a huge help in regulating your home AND lowering your heating bill. Going to be at work all day? Turn down the thermostat. Gone all day for a volleyball tournament? Turn down the thermostat. Headed out of town for the weekend? Undoubtedly, you guessed it.

It’s also worth looking into a programmable or smart thermostat. Most aren’t too expensive, but can be significantly helpful in saving on energy bills over the long haul.

3. Get a good dose of Vitamin D.

If the sun is shining, open up your blinds and let some extra free heat through your windows! Once the sun goes down, close the blinds or curtains to keep the heat in. Less furnace work = more money saved on that heating bill. 

4. Shut doors in unused rooms.

We turn off the lights in unused rooms to save on our electric bill. Similarly, that same kind of thinking works on our heating bills as well. Especially if a room isn’t being used, shut the door and close any vents in the room. All of a sudden, your HVAC system is now heating a smaller house. 

5. Show off your chef skills.

If you’re already showing off your baking skills, make sure to use that extra heat to your advantage! By propping open the oven door once you’re done, you can let that heat flood into the house. This idea works when taking a hot shower as well. Leave the bathroom door propped open a bit and let the warm air from the shower spill into the next room.

6. Replace those air filters.

Even though you’ve probably been avoiding it, replacing your HVAC air filters actually matters quite a bit.  In general, the lifespan of an HVAC air filter ranges from 30 days to 6 months, depending on the type of filter and heating schedule of the home. 

For as long as you ignore a dirty furnace air filter, the lifespan of your heating system will shorten, potentially causing anything from frustrating furnace repair to more severe issues. If changed out correctly and routinely, your air filter can absolutely help you save monthly money on your heating bill. 

We hope a couple of these tips might be helpful for you. Nevertheless, if you end up with a problem that needs a bit more professional help, we’ve seen it all here at Reliant Home Heating and Cooling and we’re available 24/7. We’re a small-town, friendly company that’s developed some serious, big-city skills over the last 40-years, serving the likes of Powell, Marysville, Dublin, Plain City, Hilliard, Delaware and more.