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Small-town friendly, yes ma’am attitudes.

Built in East Liberty & Marysville, we’re proud of our small-town-character and the high-character people that come with it. We’re confident that you’ll feel the same.

Teresa has been our Customer Service Manager for nearly 15 years here at Reliant. To most, she’s known as Mother Teresa. Either she or Daniel will likely be the person to answer your call, day or night, rain or shine. She raised 3 boys who are now quite impressive young men—and she’s the same level of impressive for our service techs. On her time off, she’s baking pies and cookies, volunteering at her church, taking care of her grandchildren and elderly parents, and spending time with her husband Dan. She’s just flat out good and kind.

Teresa Jackson Customer Service Manager

Daniel is our Co-Service Manager and has been with Reliant for 15-years. Daniel was a fantastic service technician for about 5-years and it was his peers who recommended Daniel for a promotion. He’s incredibly detailed and the best of teachers to our younger technicians. We’d all be lost without him. Outside of work, Daniel is a family man. He raised two young girls as a single dad, and now enjoys the title of “Best Grandpa Ever”.

Daniel Snyder Co-Service Manager

Jake is our residential installation manager and the foundation of our installation arm. So much so that we’ve labeled our process of execution, “Jake’s Way”, in honor of his ability to deliver the highest level of quality across the board. You’ll not hear Jake say much, but his work and customer feedback does all the talking we need to hear. Outside of work, he loves to spend time with his wife Bri, their kids, and their kids’ kid, all while dreaming of owning an old Ford Bronco.

Jake Clem Residential Installation Manager

Travis is a service tech and comfort specialist – and one of the eighteen ladies or gentlemen who might show up at your home to diagnose & repair your situation. Travis has been with Reliant for 7-years and is one of the most humble people we’ve ever met. In addition to being best-in-class at fixing air-conditioning and furnace issues, he’s also a part-time sheriff deputy for the local community, which we’re incredibly proud of. His Grandfather was in the HVAC business and is the one who got Travis started down the same path. We’re very lucky he did.

Travis Ropp Service Tech & Comfort Specialist

Joel is one of our lead residential installers and a truly kind, articulate young man. Joel’s family owns Marmon Valley Farms, a Christ-centered farm that holds summer camps, horseback riding events and a bunch more. Growing up in that environment undoubtedly taught Joel the value of hard work and character, something he brings to work every day and is seeking to pass down to his little ones.

Joel Wiley Lead Residential Installer

Pat is one of the few humans alive that can make you feel happy with his kind smile and in pain with his handshake — at the exact same time. Pat and his gushing kindness have been a major part of the Reliant Home Heating & Cooling Team for over a decade now. When he’s not solving HVAC issues with ease, you’ll find Pat with his incredible family, his wife Kim of 28-years and their 4-kids and 1-grandson — or yelling “OH” or “IO” any time he can.

Pat Adams Sales Manager

Reliant Home Heating & Cooling is currently 98 awesome-people-strong. Here’s just a few.

We’ll continue to update this page so that you have the chance to meet every single last one of them.

Big City Capabilities

Our founding city might be smaller than some. But our capabilities, quality of work, and customer satisfaction are the opposite—and a big advantage for you.

In the late ‘70s and early ’80s, one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world built three major manufacturing plants in western Union County and eastern Logan County. These plants and their supporting infrastructure created significant opportunities for local companies who could support and serve them. Reliant Mechanical was created in 1986 to do just that – and we’ve continued to grow into a powerhouse ever since. Reliant is recognized as one of the top mechanical firms in Ohio, performing residential heating and cooling services, commercial mechanical construction projects, mechanical maintenance support, and quick and effective emergency response services.

Simply put – we were built to service the biggest of HVAC needs on the planet. And from that foundation, we created a team to serve the homes of the kindest of people on our planet. Big or small,  you can rely on Reliant.

Emergency Repair Service

In most cases, when your furnace or air conditioner isn’t working, you need help right away. It’s why we’ve set up our team to be able to act extremely fast in those moments, knowing that this is a way we can be great at what we do.

Don’t wait. Call NOW. Even after hours, we have techs on call. 

Furnace & AC replacement

Hybrid Heat & Heat Pump Systems High Efficiency Furnace & AC Systems

We are proud to be a Lennox Premier Dealer. Lennox is one of the longest running American furnace companies – but more importantly for you – it allows us to bring you some of the most energy efficient HVAC products on the market. This allows you to often pay significantly less on utility bills, something we all can benefit from right now.

Priority Service Comfort Club

Comfort Club Members get:

  • Two equipment tune-ups a year, which significantly filters out potential issues.
  • A 20% discount if you do need a repair (which often covers the cost of membership).
  • A 10% discount on any replacement needed or accessories.
  • Priority response commitment, guaranteed in 24-hours.

And it’s only $20 a month – an extremely low commitment that is almost certain to save you significant long-term money and annoyances.

We Fix Hot & Cold Spots in Your Home

Is your upstairs too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Are you sacrificing comfort during certain seasons?

So many homes have ductwork that doesn’t evenly and correctly distribute air througout the home, something that we at Reliant believe is flat out unacceptable. If that’s your home, we can fix it.

Indoor Air Quality

Most people assume that their heating and cooling systems clean the air in their home, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, your system could be making the air quality even worse, stirring up allergens and distributing them throughout your home.
If you’ve noticed poor air quality throughout your house, it might be time to invest in an air purification system to protect your health and comfort. Yep, we do that too.

geothermal hvac system

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

We offer Geothermal heating and cooling – a renewable energy source that’s better on the earth and on your utility costs. These geothermal units use the heat from the earth (over 3ft below the surface) to heat your home. And they can operate in reverse, pumping heat from your home back into the ground. Ask us about our renewable Geothermal energy options.

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