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Planned Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance will ensure your system is operating safely and efficiently while reducing unplanned, inconvenient, and costly repairs. Having a planned maintenance program is much like keeping up with oil changes in your car; it’s necessary to prolong the life and quality performance of your car, but it’s another chore that can easily fall to the wayside in your busy life. 

With planned maintenance from Reliant, you don’t need to keep track of how long it’s been since your heating and cooling systems were serviced or wonder about preventative service; we’ll stay on top of your equipment to make sure it’s working how it should be, and reduce the instances of things going wrong that would need emergency repairs.  

Planned maintenance also provides the benefit of keeping equipment under warranty; almost all equipment manufacturers require annual maintenance to meet eligibility for warranty claims.

With Reliant’s planned maintenance offerings, we make scheduling and maintaining your investment worry-free. We know your life is full of other things you’d rather focus on than the upkeep of your heating and cooling units, but we also know how what a positive impact those systems running well has on other aspects of your life. With planned maintenance, we:

  • Ensure your system is operating safely and is protecting your family and keeping them comfortable
  • Regularly ensure your system is operating efficiently, keeping your utility bills as low as possible
  • Clean and lubricate your system, significantly extending the life of your equipment
  • Catch problems while they are still small, preventing expensive repair bills later
  • Typically perform two checks per year—in both heating season and cooling season.

We offer multiple planned maintenance offerings, in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold Plus plans. Call us today for plan details—we can provide a solution that will best fit your needs and explain pricing details!

Join the Reliant Mechanical Comfort Club!

For just $15 per month, club members receive 20% discounts on all repairs, 10% discounts on replacements and accessories, and a 24-hour response commitment.

Comfort club members enjoy the savings of properly maintained equipment, the peace of mind of a protected home, and the convenience of priority scheduling. 

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