Huntsville Heating & Cooling System Repair and Replacement

A big hey-howdy-hey to our friendly neighbors in Huntsville!

Our team at Reliant Home Heating and Cooling is just 18 minutes away in East Liberty. (Maybe you’ve seen our trucks drive by?) Every time we’re in Huntsville, we drool over your proximity to Indian Lake and all the historic sites and homes you have. And, of course, the ice cream at Town Trolley.

In case you don’t know about us, we’d love to give you a quick 28-second overview of who we are…

We are Reliant Home Heating & Cooling, and we’ve actually got some serious HVAC skillz. In fact, we’ve maintained HVAC services for the “big car manufacturer” plant in Marysville for years. (We can’t use their brand name, but you can probably fill in the blank.” 

But our big city skills go beyond just working for companies. We also have a home heating and cooling side of our business for people like you. 

To top it all off – just like y’all in Huntsville – we’ve got small-town roots. So you’ll likely hear a “yes ma’am” from us now and then. We’re small-town friendly, and we can’t help it.

Whether you’ve heard of our HVAC repair/installation crew or not, we’d love for you to give us a shot the next time you run into a heating or cooling snafu. 

Here’s a rundown of the heating and cooling services we can help you with in Huntsville:


Huntsville Heating
& Cooling Services

Reliant Home Heating & Cooling offers:

If you have a Huntsville heating and cooling need, we would love to talk further. Just call or request an appointment online.



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Huntsville Neighborhoods We Serve

Reliant Home Heating & Cooling services the following Huntsville neighborhoods/subdivisions:

Bloomfield, Bokes Creek, Harrison, Jefferson, Lake, Liberty, McArthur, Miami, Monroe, Perry, Pleasant, Richland, Rushcreek, Stokes, Union, Washington, Zane, Belle Center, De Graff, Huntsville, Lakeview, Quincy, Ridgeway, Rushsylvania, Russells Point, West Liberty, West Mansfield, Zanesfield, and more.

What Customers Are Saying

Excellent service as always provided by the technician who came to my home. He was fast, friendly, on time, and professional! Reliant is my go-to company for my HVAC needs and I will continually recommend them.”


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