Ductwork and Hot/Cold Spots in Your Home

Some homes have ductwork that does not evenly distribute the air throughout a home. Many do, in fact. This is common in homes that had additions built onto them and the duct was simply extended into the new square footage. You also see it happen when an HVAC contractor doesn’t understand static pressure and the science of properly distributing conditioned air.

At Reliant, we’re experts in how conditioned air flows throughout ducts and a home and we believe that your whole home should enjoy the benefits of your air system.

If you have cold or hot spots in your home, areas that aren’t properly reached by your air systems, we can help.

Reliant comes to your home to you and gets your personal take on where in your home is comfortable, and where it isn’t. You can direct us to the hot and cold spots that are troubling you.
We then take duct measurements and see where you have sufficient supply and return air capacity to match your furnace, and where needs work.

Where the existing duct is not or cannot be properly balanced for the heating and cooling load, or when homeowners want more temperature control for a given area of the home, we can install zoning. Zoning allows one system to be installed with multiple thermostats, making it so each zone can be controlled separately.

Under extreme conditions, sometimes the best answer is to replace some or all of the ductwork.
If it makes sense for your unique situation, our advisor can recommend a multi-stage system with a variable speed blower motor. Like a ceiling fan, this keeps the conditioned air moving passively throughout your home even when the thermostat is satisfied, improving balance and comfort.

The best time to ensure air balance throughout the home is when the home is being built. The second-best time is now. Reliant has the experience, skills, and knowledge to deliver the balanced comfort you should expect from your home heating and cooling system.


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